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Stress and Work Related Issues

Work related stress

Work stress and unsolved problems in the workplace have a major impact on people's quality of life. In this dynamic society, people work longer hours or even take work home, and then find themselves unable to disconnect from work and to spend quality time with their families and friends.

Some people become angry and frustrated because of conflicts at work, bullied and unable to stand up and express their opinions, or simply unmotivated to do their best.

At Melbourne CBD Psychology we understand these problems and can help you deal with:

Tips for managing everyday stress

Stress is also a prevalent issue outside work, and triggers can be diverse, from financial problems to sick or over-tired children, relationship issues with the partner of other family members, deadlines and many others factors.

Learning to handle stress in healthy ways is very important, and there are a few techniques that can help. These include recognising and changing the behaviours that contribute to stress, as well as techniques for reducing stress once it has occurred.

The following tips can help you look after your mind and body, and reduce stress and its impact on your health:

  • Identify warning signs
  • Identify triggers
  • Establish routines
  • Look after your health
  • Notice your ‘self-talk'
  • Spend time with people who care
  • Practise relaxation

If high levels of stress continue for a long period of time, or are interfering with you enjoying a healthy life, it is worth seeking professional help. A psychologist can help you identify what is contributing to high stress, and help you to make changes to the things that are within your control.

At Melbourne CBD Psychology, our psychologists are trained and experienced in helping people manage their stress effectively.

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